Utterly Unique by Karen Kaye - THE INSPIRATION
Utterly Unique by Karen Kaye - Fun & Funky Recycled Paper Bead Accessories

My inspiration comes from left-over wrapping paper, old and discarded books, maps, atlases, magazines, calendars, comics books and anything else I can get my hands on ... not even the wallpaper is safe in our house!

Since childhood I have always been fascinated by paper and in exploring its possibilities.  I adore gift wrapping and in 2009 my lifelong passion for paper led me to throw caution to the wind and leave the security of my office job to become a professional gift wrapper.

I enjoy the challenge of creating exciting and lively gift wrapping and I get a thrill from showing people how it’s done with my demonstrations and workshops.   
Left over off cuts from my gift wrapping, along with an upbringing that taught me to embrace recycling and re-using, inspired me to think of a way to re-purpose my gift wrap waste.  Initially I tried lots of different ideas before eventually settling on the idea of making paper beads and I haven't looked back since!
From my workshop based in a small village on the border of South and West Yorkshire I create handmade environmentally friendly & hypo-allergenic jewellery and accessories made entirely from recycled paper.   
"Nothing gives me more pleasure than finding a new purpose for something which would otherwise be thrown away "
Utterly Unique Paper Bead Accessories ...
       .. accessories that won't cost the Earth!