Utterly Unique by Karen Kaye - How to make a poly ribbon bow
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How to make a poly ribbon bow

Poly ribbon bows are made from polypropylene ribbon which can be bought on rolls on the internet/wholesalers or by the metre from your local florist or haberdashery shop.

Tools required for this project:-
  • scissors
  • polypropylene ribbon (appx 1 1/2 metres)
  • 10cm matching curling ribbon (this can be cut from your polypropylene roll)

1.  Cut a 1 1/2 metre length of ribbon.

2. Roll the ribbon into a circle

3.  Flatten the ribbon then using your scissors cut the top right 'corner' of the ribbon diagonally off.

4.  Repeat the same cut at the left hand side to create a 'point' - NOTE you must make sure that the ribbon is still connected in the middle of the point or your ribbon will fall apart !

5.  Repeat the same cuts at the other end of your ribbon

6.  Push the narrow ends of your ribbon together to begin the make the start of your bow shape

7.  The narrow ends now form the centre of your bow - tie your curling ribbon in a double knot to hold it in place.

8.  Cut off any spare ribbon

9.  The hoop at each end of your bow will contain several hoops of ribbon

10.  Begin to form your bow by pulling out each hoop in turn

11.  Insert your index and middle fingers into the hoop then twist the hoop at the centre of the ribbon where it is tied with the curling ribbon - NOTE the twisting action ensures the hoop of the bow stays in place so don't be afraid to make a strong twist.

12.  Continue pulling out each hoop and twisting until all the hoops are in place then repeat at the other end of the ribbon.

13.  Once you have pulled out and twisted all the hoops of ribbon you should have a fully formed bow - NOTE if the hoops of the ribbon are crushed or creased from the twisting action simply tease out the crushes and creases to form a smooth surface to the hoops.

14.  The finished bow can then be tied to your gift with the curling ribbon or you can cut off the curling ribbon and stick the bow to the top of your gift using double sided tape to give your gift the WOW factor !